Selected Songs from Matthew Vol. 1 & 2

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"Best of" Matthew Volumes 1 and 2! Songs chosen especially for young singers. This SUBSET album was created when one of the producers noticed that certain songs caused her 18-month-old grandkids to kick their feet in their carseats!! We selected these shorter songs from the TWO hours of Matthew Volumes One and Two, and made the 30-minute "Matthew for Young Singers" - selections for the pre-school set!

Listen to sample songs on the playlist below. 

1. My God, He Really Came as Man
2. God was There so Far Above
3. God with Us
4. Emmanuel
5. Brave John the Baptist
6. B·I·B·L·E
7. Peacemakers, Peacemakers
8. You are the Salt of
9. My Father Knows Before I Ask
10. Store Up Treasures in Heaven
11. First Ask, Then Seek
12. If You Want a Great Big Smile
13. Two Blind Men
14. Every Little Hair
15. I Wanna Be Good Ground
16. Five Thousand Folks
17. And They Brought To Him
18. My Shoes
19. Make The Bed
20. Inasmuch As You Have Done



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