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Daniel - The Heavens Do Rule!




Daniel CD Song Samples 

1. The King of Babylon Besieged
2. By the Rivers of Babylon
3. Daniel, Hananiah, Azariah, Mishael
4. God's Mercy is Shown
5. There Once Was a Boy Named Daniel
6. Daniel and His 3 Companions
7. Oh Yes I Can
8. Behind the Scenes
9. Head and Shoulders, Trunk and Legs
10. You Saw that from the Mountain
11. Let the Name of God Be Blessed
12. If they Take Me from My Home Country
13. Our God Is Living
14. We Will Not, Not, Not
15. I See Four Men Walkin'
16. What Do You Do
17. On Top of My Palace
18. Belshazzar
19. Daniel a Chosen Man of God
20. We're Jealous of that Daniel
21. Long Ago their Fathers
22. There's a Land
23. Daniel- Man of Preciousness
24. Daniel Prayed
25. Cause Your Face to Shine
26. God Had a Man to Pray

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Twenty-six new songs from the Book of Daniel. Over 60 minutes long, lyrics included in cd stuffer. Sing about Daniel and his three companions choosing not to eat the king's food, being cast into the firey furnace for not bowing down to the giant idol of the king, God humbling King Nebuchadnezzar, the hand writing on the wall during King Belshazzar's last party, and Daniel being cast into the lion's den because of his faithful prayer.

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  • 5
    Captivating words and tunes

    Posted by Maria on 26th Jul 2013

    Along with the Daniel songs, I have been teaching my preschool/kindergarten-age children the accompanying stories. They LOVE the tunes, and have a few favorites (Not! Not! Not!) (There Was a Boy Named Daniel) and I also have a few favorites (On Top Of My Palace...) that inspire my spirit and uplift my soul. We have to compete in the car rides about which favorite to play "again." Even my two year old has a favorite (Belshazzar!). May the Lord be the source of all your labor.

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    Very timely for the kids to learn what we have heard

    Posted by Lisa Shelter on 16th Jan 2013

    Thank you Paula and Cathy for this very timely CD in Daniel. The truths revealed are very clear yet not too spiritual. The songs are very catchy and I find myself singing them even when they aren't playing. WE will be using them for a regional conference Feb. 2-3. Too bad you don't have coloring sheets or adjunct activity pages. Thank you for your labor! The ones singing and narrating were great too.

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    Daniel songs - A must for every household!

    Posted by Peppy on 11th Oct 2012

    I love every song in the Daniel CD. The songs are so helpful not just to children but also adults. I listened while driving and every time I experienced the sweetness of the Lord. My heart was softened and God's purpose is so dear to me.
    I highly recommend this cd to everyone!!!

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    Using the Daniel Songs to support kids enjoyment of Bible Study

    Posted by Sue Permantier on 28th Apr 2012

    I am just finishing up a weekly bible study of the book of Daniel with kids in our churchlife and neighborhood friends. We learn a new song each week, but start out singing all the ones we have learned already. This has been a wonderful way to bring the kids into the feeling of the lessons. Last week one of the boys told us that one of his favorite parts of our Thursday nite time was resinging the songs in the car when we drive them home. They REALLY enjoy the songs. I bought some CD`s for a gift to give them after finishing the book of Daniel. We have taken it one chapter a week. I`m confident they will be very happy to receive their own copy. Their Mom`s even asked how they could get the music for them because they sing the songs at home. The kids who come to our home are at very different levels of maturity and depth. I appreciate the biblestory songs material because the music is fun for all but also infuses the kids with understanding of the deeper truths in the stories. The songs also help me prepare the lessons.

  • 5
    Great songs!

    Posted by Sarah on 9th Mar 2012

    Even as an adult I love listening to the Bible Story Songs CDs! A great way to enrich your day!

  • 5
    Bible Story Songs make an excellent teaching tool.

    Posted by Chai Mommy on 22nd Apr 2010

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Bible Story Songs make an excellent teaching tool. The songs are fun, engaging, entertaining, and have a PURPOSE behind them. When children listen to these songs, they learn something valuable that will serve them throughout their entire lives.

  • 5
    Their Favorite Song!

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Apr 2010

    My kids' favorite song is We Will Not Not Not! This is a great CD. We love it!

  • 5
    The MOST fun of all BSS CDs

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Apr 2010

    Just wanted to let you know that I ordered the Daniel cd after our chat a few weeks ago, and the kids have been listening to it daily ever since. They say it is "the MOST fun" of all the BSS cds. I wish you could hear them singing their little hearts out during their impromptu "home meetings" in the back seat. It's maybe the sweetest thing ever. Can't tell you how much it encourages me to see them growing up being in and loving the Lord's things.