Letters to BSS

Thank you so much - what a blessing for our family!
I love your music so much. My sweet blessings (10, 7, 4, and 8 months) have already memorized some songs after two listens. I especially love how quickly my 4 year old learned the songs and now walks around singing "No one ever spoke like Jesus..." I love how your music teaches things and concepts that most children's bible music doesn't. Your cd's are so rich and deep. Thank you so much. I have been recommending the cd's to all of my friends. Like my children, I need to work on sharing. I don't want to let my precious cd's out of my sight for fear they won't come back!!! 
If you ever need help promoting your products in the OKC area, I would love to help Bible StorySongs because I love it so much!!!
A.F. Oklahoma City

Dear Bible StorySongs...we LOVE your music! It makes us smile. :) We listen to it in the car, while we are eating breakfast and even while we are walking to and from school! Thank you so much for helping us learn God's Word through singing.
Matthew (7), Joshua (5) and Samuel Diggines (2) from London, UK 

We wanted to encourage you to keep the CDs coming! We currently use all of your CDs for our home Bible Study with our children, and are continually blessed by the Scripture verses accompanied by well-done music! We are currently listening to Matthew Volume 2 as we study through the book of Matthew. Each song is a great way to help the children remember the passages taught. I've passed along your website to all of my homeschooling friends, and hope that our Sunday School teachers might begin using it in place of the traditional children's songs that don't have a lot of meaning. We also enjoyed using the songbook for Matthew Vol. 1. The children would color the borders as we listened to a new song multiple times to memorize it! We hope you create songbooks for all the CDs. Thanks for using your giftedness to serve the Lord and glorify Him with music that teaches children the truth of His word! 
God Bless,
Melissa Ansiel and family

I have just now had these cds shared with me. They are no doubt God breathed!!!! :) Thank you for your efforts and labor. What a blessing to all Christians -- the WORD put to music!!! I am a nanny and all six children that I have played these songs for loved them!!! I am impressed! Praise the Lord! I also am happy for a tool for myself to really learn all the names of the books of the Bible in my older age! :) Thank you Lord Jesus for this Bible music!!!!!
A Nanny from Atlanta, GA 

Wow. Talk about enjoyment, lessons, and argument defusers!! My son goes up to his Dad's coworkers and declares, "It is better to give, than to receive!" Praise the Lord for these CDs. 
Dee Courtwright, Charlotte, NC
(Editor's note: From song 23 on the Acts CD) 

Dear BSS, 
Just wanted to let you know that I ordered the Daniel cd after our chat a few weeks ago, and the kids have been listening to it daily ever since. They say it is "the MOST fun" of all the BSS cds. I wish you could hear them singing their little hearts out during their impromptu "home meetings" in the back seat. It's maybe the sweetest thing ever. Can't tell you how much it encourages me to see them growing up being in and loving the Lord's things. Thanks for all your labor to provide these for us. 
Lots of love! 
Shosh Collins 
Cary, North Carolina 

Dear Bible StorySongs,
Thank you to everyone who helped create the Bible StorySongs CDs. While reading the Bible, I am constantly coming across verses that have been put to music by Bible StorySongs. I am always really encouraged every time I listen to these songs. Praise the Lord for such a wonderful way to get the Word into us! - Apryl Hansen 

I am Steve Mark's mother, and I have all your CD's to date. I have loaned them to my church and the teachers love them. Thank you for all you have given to instill in the hearts and minds of children the wonderful stories of the Bible. - Olive Huisman

Bible StorySongs is the greatest! Everybody with little kids should buy them all. I can't imagine raising children without Bible StorySongs as our background music.
Ann Buntain, Anaheim, CA

Last night, I drove a van full of various Arlington kids to the High School meeting in Irving  (These are tall, dignified, nearly adults who are working on college applications, etc.).  We popped in the Matthew 2 CD, which I have not heard in years.  It was so lovely.  The kids were howling with laughter to hear people they know with little kid voices doing blubs so many years ago.  ("Is that so and so?  Play it again, play it again!" ) They were singing the songs at the tops of their voices, like meeting old friends.  We sang 'Oh What at Dismal Night Lord" till the van shook.  So much, much joy you guys have brought into the lives of our kids.  I wondered how many cars around the world are playing CD's with happy moms and kids.  What a gift!  We are thankful every day.
Teresa Macnee, Arlington, TX

A little note about Bible Storysongs?
Well, the tunes are cheerful, fun, and interactive, and the content is FULL of the truths of the Bible! I still love listening to the songs, it always makes me so happy listening to it. I listen to it while I exercise! I can't tell you how many verses I have memorized because of listening to Bible Storysongs. I feel like I get an infusion of the word every time I listen.  - Abby Benson, University of North Texas 

We listen to those cds all the time! Jacob loves the intro song... because it says "Jacob"! Also he's a huge fan of "Ouch I've been bitten" probably because it has biting snakes in it... he's so predictable. Hava really likes "Hallelujah now we're free" She makes me play it multiple times. Even my husband Pablo even had some good things to say about the songs last time we were in the car together. Usually he turns off "Lord's songs", but he kept them on and said some mildly positive things about them (HUGE for Pablo! who is such a music snob anyway) Shosanna Jacobson from Cary, NC

Thank you for your service to the Body of Christ in this way. It is a real ministry of Christ and will bear fruit for years to come and, I can confidently say, even unto eternity. May the Lord bless you and bless what you do for Him. And please be assured that your kindness has ministered Christ to a brother in a far-away land.
Grace be with you, David Vinson, M.D.

Thank you for all your effort to put all the pure word into children songs! From Austin, TX

I really like the big brothers' voices--they seem like real Davids, and I can see that young boys listening will realize it's "cool" to have a heart for the Lord, if you know what I mean. The mix of older ones and younger ones speaking the blurbs is endearing and heart-warming. There's so much I love about this album; I could go on and on. Thank you again, and I pray you will continue to follow the Lord to produce what would be a benefit to His Body for the preparation of His Bride and the ushering in of His kingdom! 
Lisa Jones, Anaheim, CA

On the first CD there is a song 400 years about the wilderness. My kids would want to hear it 20 times and when it would it say Send a Savior, they would want us to turn it up as loud as it would go in the car and we would all sing at the top of our lungs “Send a Savior, Send a Savior…Send one now! Even my one year old was trying to sing the words and when we get in the car he would tell us to turn the music on. It took us a few weeks to hear the whole cd because they wanted to rewind and hear the song again. They love 400 years and they love Brave John the Baptist…every time my son would laugh and say the words from the song, “camel’s hair!” 

Thank you so very much for your thoughtful gift of the real teaching and children's songs. I can't wait to see the look on my children's faces as I play these for them tonight. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.
With kindest personal regards, I am,
John L. Peroyea, Vice President and General Manger 94.9 FM KLTY

A grand mother was taking care of the daughter of a single working mom who has to work weekends. She played the Moses CD for the 3 year old. Before bed, the little girl asked the grandmother, "Who is Moses? Who is God" This opened the way for the grandmother and the little girl to talk and this led to the little girl to believing in God.

Our son is suffering from severe disabilities and has the Moses CD. He loves to listen to it. In fact he has memorized many of the songs and even though it is difficult for him to communicate, he can be heard singing them from memory while he busy at play. He has a special gift in this way and really appreciates it when he hears good music!

I had just turned on Matthew CD to listen to it while I was getting ready for bed, within seconds I was starting to get upset that my mom used MY bedspread for her daycare business and I probably would have said something I would have regreted saying, BUT, the song that was playing was the kingdom people song. The kids sang the words, "...and from him who wants to borrow do not turn away..." Praise the Lord it caused me to turn away from my anger an unto Him!! Wow, even a children's CD can have an effect on a 23 year old.
Anna West, Denton, TX

Thank You for taking a simple idea and making it happen. This is going to cost us a few hot dogs to buy all of these CD's, but it is so worth it! From a grandparent at a homeschool convention.

A young girl stopped by the booth to listen to the songs. She loved the Matthew CD and said she would go and tell her mom about it. The next day she and her mom came by the booth but the mom said, "Sorry, I have already bought you something, we are not buying anything else." They walked away. Later that day the little girl came back to the booth dragging her mom along. The mom said, "She won't stop talking about this. What is it that you have?" The little girl picked one of her favorite songs, "Look at the Birds of Heaven" from the Matthew CD and gave her mom the ear phones. As mom listened her concerned and irritated face melted into tears and she took off the earphones and said,"This is God's word! You can have this!"

I love BSS for a whole variety of reasons. We listen to BSS in our car almost everytime we go out – even for a short distance. It makes our time in the car very happy and it makes my kids sing all day. The songs have a lot of content so they are learning a lot about the Bible. I am not sure parents have the opportunity to talk with their kids in depth about the Bible and about God. Bible StorySongs really makes this happen spontaneously in the car or in the house.

Last summer I was driving in the car and we had a song playing that talks about Moses going up to Mt.Nebo. And there’s a line in the songs that says Jehovah had known Moses face to face. My son said, “Mom… I want to know Jehovah face to face”. I don’t think without Bible StorySongs we would have had a conversation about what it means to know God and what it means to know Him face to face.

I don’t think I could pick a favorite CD – I love all of the CD’s. Favorite song? There is a song on the Matthew CD I love that talks about God’s promise to care for His children. The words are “Seek First, Seek First His Kingdom” or “Look at the Birds of Heaven”/. My current favorite for this week is song 5 on the Moses v2 CD. It talks about the Lord turning bitter waters sweet. That song has been a source of spiritual nourishment for me and a great song for my kids. I would love to have a David CD. I think there are some great points about David. Daniel also has a lot of great points. You could do almost anything and it would be fantastick.
Teresa Macnee, Arlington, TX

Bible StorySongs has brought our family into having conversations about the Bible and about God. It think if we were listening to any other kind of song tape we might not have those kind of conversations. That’s something I really value.

I love it. I’m excited that my kids got to be on the tapes. And I like the fact that they have these songs in their minds now, so thru the day, when they’re playing or they’re studying, I hear them singing the songs over and over.  I hear them singing. "Do All Things Without Murmuring" and "On wings of eagles I carried you."
Lori Benson, Arlington, TX

I like Bible Storysongs a whole lot. Its really awesome. Its not just for kids. Even though I know that’s the age group you are aiming for. Its for everybody – for all of the ages to enjoy!
Allison Watts, Jackson, MS