About Us

Bible Storysongs is a collection of new songs written to old tunes that provide many opportunities for sweet teachable moments with your kids.

It all began when we got really tired of singing the same songs and decided to write new ones that matched Bible stories.

We found old sheet music at garage sales, music stores, antique shops and online. We simply poured verses, phrases and stories from the Bible into these excellent and classic public domain tunes. We wrote a few tunes ourselves!

It became obvious that the new songs were a success when we heard from parents that their kids were singing the songs six months later and that they remembered the details of the Bible stories from the songs!

For some families this may be the only opportunity for their kids to learn about the Bible! Give it a try! Pop a cd in during your next drive to the store, school or soccer and use that time to sing and learn the Bible! It will make your next ride a blessed one...even in traffic!!!


Steve Mark, our recording engineer, also does an stellar job orchestrating our albums. We were amazed when we discovered that our recording engineer was also a trained musician who studied orchestration at Berklee School of Music and University of North Texas! Thank you Steve for making us sound great! We could not do what we do without you! He has kindly made a video about his experience working with us.

Bible StorySongs, Inc. is a private enterprise not associated with any church, organization, or ministry.