Matthew, Vol. 2 CD

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Matthew Volume 2 - I Want to Be Good Ground.

32 Songs from Matthew Chapters 9-28; 61 Minutes, Lyrics included in the stuffer. Learn the names of the disciples to Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”, and sing about forgiving your brother seventy times seven to music by Gilbert and Sullivan. Wonderful songs on The Lord's Supper, Christ's death and resurrection; and a 5-part round on the great commission make up the grand finale of this CD!



Listen to samples of the songs:

1. Matthew Theme Song
2. In Matthew's House
3. Two Blind Men
4. Jesus Called 12 Disciples
5. Every Little Hair
6. Confess Me Before Men
7. He's The Lord!
8. For My Yoke Is Easy
9. Behold, Behold My Servant
10. For Out Of The Abundance
11. Seed, Seed, Seed, Seed
12. I Wanna Be Good Ground
13. Five Thousand Folks
14. Jesus Told All His Disciples
15. You Are The Christ
16. Jesus Took Up 3 Disciples
17. Truly I Say, When You Pray
18. Then Peter Came
19. And They Brought To Him
20. The Great Command
21. Like Lightening
22. Learn How To Be Faithful
23. My Shoes
24. Our Master Gave Us
25. Make The Bed
26. Then Speaks the King
27. I Was Hungry
28. Inasmuch As You Have Done
29. A Woman Came To Jesus
30. As They Were Eating
31. Oh, What A Dismal Night
32. Jesus Came And Spoke

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