Who Is Telling Your Kids About God?

Who Is Telling Your Kids About God?

Posted by Cathy Walker on 12th Feb 2018

Psalms 33:3 Sing Him a new song; Play skillfully with a joyous shout.

Who is telling your kids about God? The schools and the media are not telling them anything. In Sunday School you may trust...but your kids are probably only there a few hours once a week. God is such a big big topic. It's an every day topic! Parents! This is your job! Where should you begin? What should you tell them? A simple way to start is to start singing! It helps in so many ways! If you don't know much about the Bible, you can learn about God by singing along with your kids! Doing motions helps everyone engage and participate. It is a factor of joy! You can make up your own motions! Get the kids to help!

Below is a video with some ideas for motions to this song from the  Moses, Vol. 1 album.

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This song is about God's care for Moses and the children of Israel as they endeavored to leave Egypt for the good land. God is the person speaking (singing). Many of the lyrics point to God. We can see what he is like and how he cares for us. How many points about God can you and your kids find in this song? See Exodus 6:1-7.

Talk Abouts

  • God is Almighty! God told Moses that with a mighty hand He would help them.
  • God Makes Promises! God promised that Pharaoh would let the children of Israel go.
  • God Hears Prayer! God had heard their groaning prayer and remembered his promise to give them the land.
  • God Makes Us His People! God said they would become His people and that He would be their God.


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