The Universe is Not an Accident!

Posted by Cathy and Paula on 18th May 2018

So what's big? i mean really, really BIG! Humongous!?!?

How about the universe? The awesome, expanding, mind-boggling U-Ni-Verse!

Did you ever think about where it came from? Could everything really be just random?

Well.... could you throw a pot of spaghetti against the wall and have it stick in the form of cursive writing of the Star-Spangled Banner lyrics? Now THAT would be random.

Miss Cathy and Miss Paula recorded some great verses and songs which I think will help you realize that God is the great, intelligent designer of the universe. It is certainly not an accident!"

Sing and learn along with us!

RB-02 The Universe Wasn't an Accident from Bible StorySongs on Vimeo.