The Most Powerful Word

The Most Powerful Word

Posted by Catherine Walker on 30th Mar 2018

Sing to God; sing psalms to His name;
Triumph in Him who rides through the deserts
Psalms 68:4a

Have you and your family lived through the "No!" phase in a 2 to 3 year old yet? Parents will pass through this stormy year sooner or later. When the little one discovers how powerful that word no is..."No!" becomes their favorite thing to say! Your previously sweet and smiley little one has become a sour and frowny littler no-er! World war erupts and the no-bombs are dropping everywhere!

Recently I heard one wise grandpa say that he wasn't surprised because "NO!" is the word kids have heard the most in their little lifetime! Just imagine how frequently they have heard the word "No!" during the day. "No! Don't touch that! No! Don't do that! No-No!" For some reason when we say it twice in a row it helps. In any language, NO is the most powerful word!

I was in the midst of my third or fourth child's "terrible-two's" phase when I read that these frustrated toddlers were entering into a period of disequilibrium children experience during their second to third year. Perhaps they can't yet manage all of their new found physical capacity. They are growing so fast. They have doubled in size, mental and language ability in no time at all! The good news in the article was that the "terrible two's" would be temporary and would be followed by a period of calm and equilibrium. 

WOW! What an amazing consideration! Maybe it's not outright rebellion when they refuse to eat certain foods or comply with simple requests? Could it be physiology at work here? We are so quick to blame their little Adamic nature. But, it is not the whole picture and it makes sense that the underlying issue could be turbulence due to so many life changes they can't yet cope with. It's a stage they pass through. Could their inability to obey be to some degree in proportion to their physical maturity?  Could they just be hungry since they are growing so fast? The portmanteau "hangry" comes to mind!

As my mom-skills matured, I realized that things were not as bad as I thought they were during these "No-Storms". Gradually, gradually things always got a little better! The little sweet hearts were sweet again! I love telling the frazzled mommies of toddlers to be reminded that their kids get a little older every day. Be encouraged moms - they are growing! 

Expect your two to three year olds to repeatedly experiment with and employ the word “No!” as they discover its power and their will to choose. Time is truly on your side and actually something awesome in us is being produced by our little "helpers”. 

"And not only so, but we also rejoice in our tribulations: knowing that tribulation worketh stedfastness;" Some translations say produces endurance or perfects patience or works perseverance. All are great traits for mommies to have and our 2 year olds help us get there! Could the terrible two's be part of God's plan to equip us as mothers? Romans 5:3 should be every mommy's motto!

Mom's - don't give up! Our God doesn't give up! Moses never gave up when God sent him to speak to Pharaoh! Perhaps Moses gained some patience and endurance each time God sent him to Pharaoh and each time Pharaoh said NO! and refused to let them go! God was working on both of them!

This little song is so short and to the point it could be called a slogan song!


How many times did God send Moses to Pharaoh in Exodus chapters 6-13 

Did God or Moses give up when Pharaoh refused to let them go?


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