Learning through Failure?

Learning through Failure?

Posted by Cathy Walker on 3rd Mar 2018

Sing to Jehovah a new song, for He has done wonderful things. Psalms 98:1 

When you first start teaching your kids about God and the Bible you may be overwhelmed and may have no idea where to begin. You will probably be afraid of failing and freeze up! Don't let your engine stall out! Don't worry too much about failing! Expect to fail in the beginning! Failure is the unexpected path to success! Fail frequently! Fail eloquently! The best learning comes from failure! Thomas Edison tried over 2000 times before getting the light bulb to shine! Aren't we glad he didn't give up!! Every failure taught him something. He learned what didn't work 2000 times! How to teach your kids about God? Keep it simple and short! Sing and chat and sing some more!

This song is about Moses when he was a child. This video has ideas for some hand motions. If you are tuned in you will find teachable moments are sprinkled here and there in all of our songs! While showing the hand motions you can also have a casual chat with the kids about the main characters in the song's story...Moses and God!

Below is the audio of the song from our Youtube. All of our songs are on this Youtube channel.


As Moses was growing up, God was busy preparing him to be the one who would lead the children of Israel out of slavery. What a huge responsibility. 

All of his growing up years were under God’s arrangement. He grew up in Pharaoh’s palace. He was educated in the top, highest culture of that time and learned the wisdom of Egypt. This verse, Acts 7:22 talks about this.

Kids may think that the only way to be mighty is to have big strong muscles. But this song talks about Moses being mighty in wisdom. You could also point out that another way to be powerful is by your words and your deeds! Because Moses was so knowledgable, God used him to rescue His people from 400 years of slavery!


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