Bible StorySongs Pod-Blog-Radio!

Bible StorySongs Pod-Blog-Radio!

Posted by Paula King and Cathy Walker on 25th Apr 2018

Recently my fifth daughter had her first baby! Hooray! Eleven grandchildren! Of course I flew down from Boston to be there for his arrival! While we were at the hospital waiting for the baby to arrive; I had a conversation with my daughter's father-in-law about Bible StorySongs. They were considering hosting a Saturday morning children's program on their radio station in Birmingham, Alabama. They thought Bible StorySongs would be a perfect fit! This is something we had never thought about! When presented with the invitation, we saw how it could benefit us all and decided to give it a try. 

My precious daughter and her husband let me use their car to slip away from my grand / mothering focus to drive to Denton on two different days for so we could try to do a "radio program" and see how it easy or difficult it was.  We had a wonderful time laughing and singing and making up hand motions. There is an enormous need to encourage families to have times with their kids talking about the Lord and the Bible. Bible StorySongs makes that easy! Just hit play and sing and learn together! 

Here is the video of our first program. Poor Paula, I caught her off guard the day after getting a fresh perm! She is a real trooper to allow this first video to be released! Thanks, Paula! We recorded the audio and we also videoed it simultaneously so we could demonstrate some ideas for hand motions to the songs and post it here on our blog! Of course, feel free to make up your own motions! Yours may be better! Enjoy Giving Thanks!

RB-01 Giving Thanks! Bible StorySongs Pod-Blog-Radio! from Bible StorySongs on Vimeo.

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