Be Looking for God!

Be Looking for God!

Posted by Cathy Walker on 26th Feb 2018

Psalms 96:1
Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord all the earth.

God is always looking for ways to reveal Himself to us! The Bible is packed with stories, events and things that tell us something about God; who He is and what He is like! In The Burning Bush song God speaks to Moses out of a very unusual bush that was burning, but never burns up. It is burning, but not consumed! This got Moses' attention and he turned to look and check out the burning bush! Then Moses and God had an amazing interaction. 

While singing this song, be looking for God in the story! How many things about God can we see?

Singing with motions is delightful!

Singing with motions, your whole body is involved and your attention is captive! Explain some of the story while showing the motions to the kids. See if they can come up with some motions or actions! Theirs will be even better!

Below is a newly uploaded SIng-a-Long Video for the Burning Bush song!

TALK ABOUTS - Moses and God

Read Exodus 3:1-6. Talk about verse 3-4

3 And Moses said, I must turn aside now and see this great sight, why the thornbush does not burn up. 4 And when Jehovah saw that he had turned aside to look, God called to him out of the midst of the thornbush and said, Moses, Moses. And he said, Here I am."

Talk briefly about a few of these each time you sing this song together - no need to talk about them all at once.

Moses turned to look at the burning bush to see why it was not burned up. (God noticed Moses was looking!)

God spoke to Moses out of the burning bush saying, "Moses, Moses". (God speaks to man)

Moses heard God's calling and answered saying "Here I am." (God calls man)

Moses answered right away! Yay for Moses! He was alert, paying attention and answered promptly! 

God told Moses to take off his shoes because it was holy ground. (God gives man instructions and God is Holy)

God introduced Himself telling Moses He was the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. (God has a people)

Some Freebies for The Burning Bush Song:

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Orange and Yellow Napkins waved up and down are a great way to make the burning bush!

Burning Bush Craft: 

  1. Use a lunch size paper bag to make the burning bush. 
  2. Cut out vertical strips from the top of the bag half way down the bag and leave them connected to the bag.
  3. Get some yellow, red and orange tissue paper
  4. Place it inside the bag with the tissue pointing up to represent the burning fire. 
  5. Write on each strip a few words of the verse.
  6. Then hold the bag in the middle below the strips with your fist and twist it. 
  7. The bottom of the bag should be flat and the middle is twisted. This makes the bag look like a bush! 
  8. The colored tissue if seen through the strips which are the branches of the bush. 

Help the kids try to figure out the right order of the words on the branches.

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