Learning through Failure?

Learning through Failure?

Posted by Cathy Walker on 3rd Mar 2018

Sing to Jehovah a new song, for He has done wonderful things. Psalms 98:1 When you first start teaching your kids about God and the Bible you may be overwhelmed and may have no idea where to begi … read more

These Songs Always Start Conversations!

18th Feb 2010

They like which ever Bible StorySongs cd we have in the car. They have their favorite songs and ask to hear them over and over. When my son David hears some of these songs, he asks me, What does … read more

Biblical Basis for Singing!

8th Feb 2010

BIBLICAL BASIS Space constrains us here, but to get utterly invigorated, try using your concordance and looking up sing, sang, song, sung. 246 Bible verses (King James Version) - an overwhelming pole … read more

Ask any four year old...

8th Feb 2010

Ask any 4-year if he knows the ABC's and you are likely to hear a song in response! And I hope you noticed that the too-familiar A-B-C’s song is to the tune “Twinkle, Twinkle” (begotten by a busy, … read more

Something for Everyone!

Posted by Paula King on 8th Feb 2010

Teachers are constantly searching for ways to accommodate the varied learning styles of children; and singing has something for everyone! Magnificently Melodious (MUSICAL) Rapturously Rhythmic (KI … read more