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    Happy, accurate Bible story songs my grandchildren love

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Jan 2013

    The Bible story songs CD David has music that is happy and fun to listen to, and the words of the song teach an amazing array of facts and stories about David. Thanks for the wonderful music! The Lord bless your work!

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    David's mighty men are the best!

    Posted by Texas Granny on 4th Mar 2010

    At first i was shocked at the addition of lower range voices on this CD. (I loved the fact that the previous Bible StorySongs CDs were actually children's voices.) When I heard the song "Three Mighty Men Armed with Bows", I realized that the teen-age boy voices were very appropriate for this story! David could have been a young teenager when he started tending the sheep. and my friend with two teenage boys said hearing "Big Boy Voices" really encouraged her sons to sing. I'm glad every song is a surprise: different voices, different style, different orchestration. This is my favorite Bible StorySongs album!!! Great Job!

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    They have learned more about David than I could have taught them

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Feb 2010

    What I love the most about the CD we received is that the entire story of David is built chronologically into 32 song tracks. At first my kids weren't impressed but I could see the potential in the music, so I started turning it on every day at lunchtime. After a few days, the kids started to really enjoy it and they missed it if it wasn't on. Then, after about a week, I noticed them singing the songs during the day as they went about their business. Do you know how sweet it is to hear the sound of a 2-year old's voice singing Scripture verses from the Bible?

    Not only do they enjoy the songs now, but I do, too! And they've learned more about David and his faith than I could have taught them. Interspersed into the music is Scripture readings. It literally feels like you're sitting in a church sanctuary listening to a children's program.

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    It's sure to put a smile on your face and get your toes a tapping!

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Feb 2010

    The CD reminded me of a VBS performance or a Children's pageant performance, a really good one! It is sure to put a smile on your face and get your toes a tapping! I enjoyed one little tune called "We're the Sheep", it was really catchy and kept me humming long after I turned the music off.

    David is a fascinating, important biblical figure and my kids and I enjoyed hearing about his life through this music, and we all appreciated the diversity of songs.

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    It is our joy and highlight of every drive in our car!

    Posted by Marisa and son, Desmond on 8th Jan 2010

    Dear BibleStorySongs,

    We just want to tell you how much we love the new David CD! It's our joy and highlight of every drive in the car. My seven-year-old son sings with it holding the lyrics in his lap. Before we get out of the car, he asks me to set the CD at the beginning of one of his favorite songs (which are many). As soon as we jump in the car the next time he can't wait for it to play. I also have my own favorites in the CD that I listen to over and over again on my way to work.

    We also have all the other BibleStorySongs CDs -- they seem to be so worn out from being played so much! We love and treasure them and have often shared with others. We are so happy God give you this special gift to make these songs. We really need you to keep making them! In a very real way, they are our daily salvation. They turned many hard moments to happy, easy moments. They turned cloudy sky into wonderful sunny sky. They filled many otherwise quiet and worthless time with God's word and great worth. For me and my son, they mean so much that we can't live without them.