They Are Learning the Bible Without Me Teaching Them!

Posted by Grace from Arlington, TX on 18th Feb 2010

We tried other cds for children and we were never really that happy with the ones we bought. They would pile up and we didn’t listen to them. We would get songs stuck in our head that we didn’t wan … read more

These Songs Always Start Conversations!

18th Feb 2010

They like which ever Bible StorySongs cd we have in the car. They have their favorite songs and ask to hear them over and over. When my son David hears some of these songs, he asks me, What does … read more

Biblical Basis for Singing!

8th Feb 2010

BIBLICAL BASIS Space constrains us here, but to get utterly invigorated, try using your concordance and looking up sing, sang, song, sung. 246 Bible verses (King James Version) - an overwhelming pole … read more

Parents! Are You Worried?

8th Feb 2010

Is your child is growing up without a spiritual dimension? No spiritual heritage? No spiritual roots? Who is going to teach your children about God? And more importantly, what will they be telling you … read more